#mili-eu: Ileana, bunica domnului B.

Ileana s-a născut pe 13 februarie 1928 la Măceșu de Sus, Raionul Sadova (astăzi județul Dolj). La 22 de ani am regăsit-o, în documentele de familie, deja mutată la București, proaspăt căsătorită cu Gheorghe din Măceșu de Jos.  Ileana a fost casnică, s-a ocupat toată viața de casă și de familia sa. În timpul liber

Cristina Irian – STRATA|B

“Cristina Irian – STRATA|B” photobook. Out of print. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the publisher. Cristina Irian – STRATA|B (download)

FRAGMENTUM – Cristina Irian, Roxana Donaldson, Cristina Bodnarescu

FRAGMENTUMCasa nr. 10 – 20Casa nr. 11 – 23(For English please scroll down.)Fotografie și video: Cristina IRIANMontaj: Cristina BODNĂRESCUGaleria Ghețărie, Centrul Cultural Palatele Brâncovenești de la Porțile Bucureștiului – MogoșoaiaArtiști: Roxana DONALDSON & Cristina IRIANCuratori: Denisa Rad & Roxana Dragne Proiect realizat de CESI în parteneriat cu Centrul Cultural Palatele Brâncovenești de la Porțile Bucureștiului

DIALOG Project – Diversity in Arts. Learning Opportunities and Growth

(EN) The project DIALOG includes multiple events that, regardless of their form (performing arts, photography, cultural circuits and so on), will share the same thing – promoting the cultural identity of communities and diversifying the cultural offer.  The project involves 4 partners, including a Norwegian partner.  In the case of theater, dance and contemporary performance,

Labyrinth Halfway – Roxana Donaldson, Cristina Irian, Cristina Bodnarescu

[EN] The decision of the Romanian authorities to close the markets during the second pandemic lockdown, made us wonder what would happen to the florists and to the flowers in the markets, and what would be the fate of plants and flowers in these unfortunate times when not only people suffer, but also animals and,

Cristina Irian – STRATA|B

[EN] STRATA|B is a story of a fragment of Bucharest, a time-frame and digital spaces. Back in 2014 there was a time when interactions between people and the walls of buildings in a part of the old city center were meticulously recorded. I visited these walls, or what was left of them, on a regular

Bucuresci/19 – București/20

[EN] Bucuresci/19 – București/20: The private lives of the city. The exhibition aims to introduce the visitor into the private lives of Bucharest, a city photographed, as Franz Duschek used to publicize –”at any time, on a shiny day or on a cloudy one”. The photographs display glimpses of lives lived by the city and its

DACIA50 is still moving! / DACIA 50 rulează. Încă!

[EN] Together with the community we celebrated 50 years of Dacia, the automobile. We proudly organized a participatory exhibition of Dacia colours and photographs of Dacia cars received from Romanian photographers, a presentation of Dacias – a classic car collection and a historical archive of documents related to the Romanian car. August 2019: The car(s)


[EN] Analogic192021 is a long-term project dedicated to the research, digitization and promotion of analogic photography, Romanian photographic archives and collections, developed in partnership with associations and cultural institutions. The project started in 2017 with a Cocktail of centuries, event organized during Bucharest Photo Week Festival, in partnership with Paul Aioanei, Studio Ambrotipescu, and Cezar